EFRS and the International Day of Radiography

The EFRS motto for IDOR is "Radiologists and radiographers supporting patients during COVID-19"

På søndag er det Radiografiens dag og det fejrer vi her på FB med en række henvisninger til radiografernes arbejde, både herhjemme og internationalt.


With this phrase, we invite everyone to celebrate the critical role that medical imaging has played during the current crisis. On this important day we ask imaging professionals across the world to pause for a moment, look back at their hard work and the challenges they have faced over the past months, and recognise their own contributions and those of their colleagues and friends.


With this year’s motto, we also cordially invite individuals and organisations (national radiological societies, radiological subspecialty societies, radiographer societies & allied sciences societies, imaging departments etc.) from throughout the world to share, not only your professional, but also your personal stories with us to help inspire us all:


We (EFRS) invite you to send us photos of you and your colleagues celebrating IDoR 2020 at your workplace. To share your photos either send them to us at IDoR2020@myesr.org (together with a brief description) or post them on your social media accounts with the hashtag #IDoR2020.


Alongside these activities, we encourage all radiologists and radiographers to amplify the visibility of medical imaging on November 8, by being particularly active on social media and remembering to use the hashtag #IDoR2020. 

Our favourite photos, tweets and posts from the day will be shared on our ESR channels.